Savannah Betts

About Me

I grew up in Hong Kong to a German mother and South African father, surrounded by multiculturalism. Bilingual households like my own were the norm, and so early on I was fascinated by the stories of others. I realised the power they held, and how they could move and transport people in ways that general life sometimes can not. These foundations have led me to bring stories and characters to life throughout my career that challenge our binary ways of thinking.

Savannah has worked with the likes of Oscar Award winning director, Hadas Ayalon, and two time Olivier Award winning director, Rebecca Frecknall. She was also nominated for 'Best Actor In a Web Series' at the Changing Face International Film Festival 2020, for her award winning Web Series, S#!t Talk.


 I want to play strong, complex, and unapologetic characters that don’t just get lost to ‘stereotype’ and the male gaze, but instead challenge our status quo. I dream of exploring these through indie films, gritty dramas, as well as the fantasy and sci-fi genres.

As a queer feminist and a massive advocate for mental health, I aim to collaborate with like minded artists who share my passion for representation, magic, and truth.


I want my future work to be international, with productions in both English and German languages, and beyond even. Currently I am most focused on working across Europe and the USA where my archetypes of ‘Girl Next Door’, ‘Anti-Hero’, ‘Rebel’, and ‘Witch’ are strongest.

To me, acting is a truthful space without inhibition. A space where you are allowed to play and explore all sides of humanity, the ‘good’ just as much as the ‘bad’. It is my goal to instil this very truth within any aspect of my future work, and to portray that for which we have no words.