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I offer affordable bespoke contemporary writing services to create the perfect piece for your next audition or showreel. Tailor your own scene with your ideas to create a character you've always wanted to play.

Contemporary Monologue

(1-2 Minutes)


Contemporary Duologue

(3 Minutes)


Scene Coaching Session
(40 minutes)



Please include:

-Monologue or Duologue ( See prices below)

-Genre (Drama, Comedy, etc)

-Ideas or notes (if any)
-Age Range




if you order a monologue/duologue along with a coaching session.

'Savannah is a remarkable writer. She is highly creative and uses quality writing techniques that craft her characters very well. I like that she takes the effort to understand what I want, and delivers excellence. I highly recommend her services! .'

-Samir, Actor

‘Professional, friendly and super material. Savannah is a great writer that produces high standard material to fit your individual needs. Extremely pleased with my scenes! Highly recommended.’ 

-Lydia, Actor

'I highly recommend Savannah to anyone needing the perfect monologue! I’ve now got four unique monologues from her and I cannot wait to start! 100% worth it!'

-Abigail, Actor

'Working with Savannah is a total delight. She provides a premium writing service, unique to your personality and performance style. I received a bespoke comedic duologue within one day of contacting her and was incredibly pleased with the outcome. I look forward to working with Savannah again in the future.'

-Zara, Actress



By Savannah Betts


AARA is sitting in a chair whilst being interrogated. With no new leads in the investigation they have just been desperately yelling at her, demanding she give them something, anything. Aara is playing mind games with the detectives on this case, and enjoying every minute of it. She is calm and collected.


Please, don’t upset yourself on my account, detective. I do hate to be the source of such distress. What exactly is it that you think I am not sharing with you? I have offered all my knowledge to you freely. Yet, you’re suggesting something else entirely, isn’t that right? That because I am sitting on this side of the table my brain must be wired differently? That I must have some secret insight into thoughts so unfathomable to someone such as yourself. (Beat) But we’re not that different from one another, are we? I can tell from the shaking in your voice, the sweat on your brow, and your clenched fists that you would love nothing more right now than to hurt me. I can see it in your eyes. You’ve lost control before, haven’t you? And it terrified you. Because you enjoyed it. Oh detective, detective, detective. What a tragic irony. Don’t you see? Despite the predicament I currently find myself in, I am free in a way you will never be. I invite the chaos, detective, I celebrate it. I am exactly where I want to be. You, on the other hand… You already have the answer to the question you’re asking of me, don’t you? The real question you need to ask yourself, detective, is are you where you want to be?

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*Refund Policy
If you would like a refund for the service you have acquired, you will need to do so within 24 hours of purchase.  If a first draft is sent out to you within these 24 hours, the refund will not be issued to compensate for all the hard work that has already gone into creating the perfect text for you.

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